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Speech Recognition for Auto-Attendants Now Available on the ESI eCloud PBX™
Posted by Julia Kedward on 03 August 2021 12:15 PM

ESI is pleased to announce that Speech Recognition for Auto-Attendants is now available on eCloud PBX™ solutions!

Speech Recognition is an optional feature that gives callers the ability to use either the dial pad or voice commands (keywords) to make selections within the auto-attendant's menus and be routed to the desired destination.

The probability of calls being completed to the right person within a company increases significantly when callers have the hands-free option of navigating menus and saying the name of the person they are trying to reach.

Businesses are adopting more voice-driven functionality as customers increasingly use mobile devices to communicate with them, and dial pads on mobile devices are not always a convenient method of interacting with an auto-attendant.

To learn more about this great new feature, watch this video or contact your ESI Sales Representative.

- Estech Systems Inc.

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Text-to-Speech Now Available on eCloud PBX™
Posted by Julia Kedward on 15 June 2021 12:48 PM

Now Available on eCloud PBX™

ESI is pleased to announce the Text-to-Speech feature for the ESI eCloud PBX™ hosted solution. This new feature allows users to type the text for Greetings directly in eConsole, and select a "voice" to be used during playback. The entered text will be played using the selected voice when callers hear the greeting. Users are no longer required to personally "record" a greeting using a phone's handset. This feature is active and ready to use now for all seat types!

Where can Text-to-Speech be used?

Office Managers

  • Auto Attendant Intro Greeting & Menu Greeting
  • User Voicemail Greeting & Recorded Name
  • Call Queue Greetings
  • Music-on-Hold Messages

Individual Users

  • Voicemail Greeting
  • Recorded Name

To learn more about this great new feature, watch the overview video or download the User Guide from ESI Academy.

-Estech Systems Inc.

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New Features for ESI eCloud PBX
Posted by Julia Kedward on 20 April 2021 01:06 PM

ESI is pleased to announce the following features for your eCloud PBX.

Share your Do-Not-Disturb (DND) Status

With this eCloud PBX feature, you'll be able to share your DND (Do Not Disturb) status with other users on the domain/system. Please direct any questions regarding this feature to the ESI Cloud Support team by dialing 611 from your ESI phone. The following phones support the shared DND BLF appearance (please note the min. firmware requirements):

  • ePhone 3 & ePhone 4x: - Available now!
  • ePhone X: 2.4.8 - Available now!
  • ePhone 8: coming soon

To upgrade the firmware of your phone simply unplug the connected power supply or PoE cable from the back of the phone. Once reconnected the phone will download any new firmware that's available.

Group Chat

Now users can reach their teams more quickly and effectively by conversing in an internal group chat! Users can access individual or group chats via eConsole™, Webphone™, and the ePhone GO™ mobile application. This feature is available today! No setup required.

Media Support (MMS) via SMS or Chat

Communicate with business contacts more effectively by sharing documents, pictures, and videos through both internal Chat and SMS texting*. For example, if you have an employee that cannot locate the signed contract you sent - share it via a chat! If a client is having trouble understanding a system feature - text them a video! This feature is available today! No setup required.

*SMS texting requires an SMS DID through ESI.

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ESI is happy to announce an eMobile release for both iOS and Android
Posted by Julia Kedward on 12 April 2021 01:12 PM

ESI is happy to announce an eMobile release for both iOS and Android. 


Release notes are shown below.

eMobile iOS 3.7.5
- Supported iOS version is now iOS 11.0 or later.
- Added support for the following codecs: u-law, a-law, iLBC, G722, and G729.
- Fixed the call log display issue: When an agent missed a call, the call log would display incorrectly.
- Fixed the issue where an incoming calls from eMobile would automatically hung up.

eMobile Android 3.7.6
- For full support use eSIP Evolution PBX software v.99
- Supported Android version is now Android 5.0 or later.
- Android Push is optimized.
- Added support for the following codecs: u-law, a-law, iLBC, G722, and G729.
- Fixed issue: Duplicated ext. numbers caused the destination error of When Busy.
- Fixed issue: Bluetooth would disconnect during a call.
- Fixed issue: Repeated calls if you double-tapped a call log.
- Fixed issue: Call delay and inconsistent call logs.

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Share your ideas with ESI
Posted by Julia Kedward on 08 April 2021 01:40 AM

Do you have an idea for a new feature, service, or product for ESI. If so, please share your idea by completing the enhancement request form (link below).


Your outbound Caller ID is:
Confirm dialing this number:

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