Intra-domain Call Recording
Posted by on 20 May 2014 04:13 PM

There is an known issue on the ESI Cloud PBX Platform that impacts call recording (for both pre-defined and on-the-fly) between two phones running High Definition (Wideband) codec. The system is currently not capable of converting the recording done in HD to a listable format, making this specific recording be unavailable in the Dashboard. 


Mostly, the only time you should encounter this bug is if trying to record between two stations in the same domain, where two HD supported devices calls eachother using an advanced wideband codec. External calls should not be affected by this issue and recordings should work as expected from or to any offnet device. 


We are currently looking into the issue, however we do not have a fix nor a work around in sight. If this issue is affecting youir ability to ocnduct business, please contact the technical support team and ask it to be escalated. 



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