IP Change Request Procedure
Posted by Bob Russo on 05 August 2014 08:16 AM

                                IP Change Request Procedure


In the course of fielding calls, TSC will receive requests from sites or resellers for an IP change on their account. These may be due to their ISP changing without notice, equipment change, or other WAN/LAN concern.  IP changes will only be performed during normal working hours, 9 to 5 CST Monday through Friday, and must be scheduled (there may be some extreme cases that will be addressed if they arise). This procedure should allow agents to handle the call quickly and make it visible to the correct groups.

ANY IP change that is being requested with less than 48 hours’ notice is subject to $250.00 feeALL IP changes regardless of the time frame involved must be put through the implementation group for scheduling and order confirmation.  So the steps for handling this in TSC whether it’s from the Cloud Group or other is as follows;

  1. Create a ticket in Kyako , provide the customer information per the Cloud “cloud info” macro
  2. Set the Department to Implementation,  status to New and leave as Unassigned
  3. Give the caller the ticket number.
  4. Make clear to the calling party that this does not constitute a confirmed order; they must speak with the implementation group. They will cover billing concerns with them so no need to get into a drawn out debate over it at this point.
  5. Advise caller you will transfer them to the porting/implementation Queue (4009) now or if they need to call back, give them the 866 883-9777 number and advise them to choose option 3, they will need the ticket number you have provided.
  6. Transfer call.

The Implementation group must be involved as the engineering staff is scheduled and usually have tasks already assigned. We may not be able to commit to an immediate change.  Part of the confirmation process for expedited request will require an acceptance of the fee signed off by the person of record for the account, the implementation group will cover this with the caller.

If a user has created his own ticket requesting an IP change, it should have generated as a Customer Service in New status. Please expidite these to the implementation group as quickly as possible as the user is going to expect he has 48 hours from when he created the ticket. While we will do everything we can to meet this expectation we can only do so once implementation knows it exists. An email heads up or chat message to anyone in the department will be a great help as well and is recommended.

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