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Posted by on 22 September 2014 02:40 PM

Do not cancel your old phone service.

Do not cancel your old phone service until after we confirm your numbers have been transferred. We cannot transfer numbers that have been disconnected.

Transferring a number with DSL?

If we transfer a phone number associated with DSL, you lose your DSL internet service. DSL must be removed before the number can be transferred.

  • To transfer a number associated with DSL, call your service provider and obtain a new number for your DSL line, or obtain a different high-speed internet service such as Cable or a T1 line.
  • Don’t submit a number transfer request until DSL has been removed from that line and your new internet service is up and running.

Remove any special features

Remove any special features from the numbers being transferred. Your provider will not release numbers that have Centrex service, Remote Call Forward (RCF), CustoPAK, Ring Mate, Hunting, or ISDN on them.

  • Call your provider and remove these features before submitting your transfer request or your number transfers could be delayed for up to 3 months.
  • Do not disconnect these numbers yet; just remove the special features from the line.

Cancel recent service orders

If you have new or pending service orders on the account you are transferring numbers from, cancel them with your current provider before submitting your number transfer request.

  • Pre-existing orders will conflict with our transfer request and prevent it from going through.
  • Don’t cancel your existing service yet, just any recent orders.


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