Find Me Follow Me (Video)
Posted by on 23 July 2014 08:23 AM

This is a Vintalk Video on how to set up Find Me, Follow Me.


My Call Features – Find Me Follow Me

Find Me Follow Me allows the user to communicate more efficiently with customers and co-workers while also keeping your additional phone numbers private. Enter up to three additional telephone or extension numbers you wish to ring simultaneously; NOTE: The first destination number must always be your four-digit extension -- Do not enter spaces, ( ), or dashes with numbers.

  • Locate  and select the My Call Features tab
  • Select Change at the bottom of the options box

  • Next to the Find Me Follow Me option, select Enable
    • Enter your extension in the 1st destination field
    • Enter the phone numbers you wish to ring simultaneously in any of the other destination fields
    • Select Apply

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