Removing module information when uninstalled from an IP-900
Posted by AJ Jimenez on 18 March 2015 04:54 PM

When a module is removed from the IP Server 900, the system will retain all programming information and configurations for the module. This is done to insure programming isn't lost because of a module needing to be replaced. This however can cause confussion when a card is placed in the wrong slot or is moved. To accommodate for this issue (as of SW version a new option has been added that allows the module information to be removed at the next reboot.

The following command can only be entered by either ESI Technical Support through a terminal connection, or a Master Technician through WESP. This access control helps prevent accidental or inapropriate module removal.

Card <x> <y> u

Where <x> = Carrier Card on which the card is installed on and <y>  = the module slot

Reboot System

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