Simultaneous Ring answering with Conference Bridge
Posted by Bob Russo on 26 March 2015 02:36 PM

Simultaneous Ring answering with Conference Bridge

Recently we discovered a situation where an answer rule set for 'Simultaneous Ring’ and ‘Ring all user's phones' was causing problems if the station was also assigned a conference bridge using the same station number (Premier users are common). The complaint is usually phrased as “calls are going direct to my voice mail” or similar statement.

When the option to ring all phones was chosen, a call directed to the station would also ring the Conference Bridge associated with it. The bridge is a virtual device set to auto answer, so the call would be answered immediately. If the bridge was set for password required, the caller would hear a prompt to “enter password". If not set for password the call would go to a hold state waiting for other callers to join the conference. We have identified this as bug requiring coding changes and testing before a resolution is released. While this may take several weeks to complete, we have a work around that has proven effective and gives the same end results that the feature is designed to deliver.


When programming to include several phones and you have a Conference Bridge assigned with the same extension number, do not choose the 'Ring all user’s phones' option. Instead, enter the other station numbers in the field 'Enter an extension or phone number' and use the + sign to create as many entries as needed. Typically they will be mobile, remote or softphone extensions, see the screen shot attachment for example of 3 devices to ring on station 9977 including the primary ext.

While this takes a few extra steps in setting up, by not choosing the ‘Ring all…’ option, the bridge will not have the call presented and disrupt the call flow.

ESI is working to resolve this problem at its cause and will announce when one is available.

Thank You, ESI Cloud Services

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