Using Wireshark to Identify SIP ALG enabled.
Posted by Bob Russo on 11 June 2015 10:36 AM

SIP ALG, while intended to help streamline packet delivery for SIP communication, unfortunatly usually causes more problems. This is usually seen as one way talk path or stations being unable to register properly. ESI, as well as many other SIP providors requires this be function be disabled on routers involved in the network segments providing connectivity to SIP devices.

While many routers will have a parameter to disable this feature, we have found in some cases that it does not trully disable the function. Check our knowledgebase article, 

for more information on ones that we have identify.

While there are tools available to identify if SIP ALG is enabled, it can be done quite easily using wireshark capture. Attached is a short document on how to set wireshark to identify if it still in effect even though configuration setup says otherwis. We hope it proves useful in troubleshooting.

Thank You, ESI Cloud Services.

 how to see if sip alg is turned on from a wireshark trace.docx (110.93 KB)
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