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Posted by Bob Russo on 03 February 2017 01:37 PM

                                                                   Star Codes, ESI Cloud PBX

Most features for the ESI hosted PBX phones (SIP-45 and SIP-30) are activated from the user Dashboard however, we realize not all users may have access to the Dashboard. In order to use features that do not have a dedicated button on the station sets, there are dial codes available to use the features.  When manually dialing these codes, ending with a # sign to signal the end of the dial string will speed response to the code. (note, not all features may be available to all users depending on their level of service)

*3           Transfer to v-mail - *3 plus 3,4 or 5 digit extension

*11         Call Pickup - *11 and either 2,3,4 or 5 digit extension

*40         Set Forwarding

*41         Set Forward-busy number

*42         Set Forward No Answer Number

*50         Send call to Help IVR

*60         Direct Dial to User Own Conference Bridge - *60 plus 3,4 or 5 digit conference bridge

*67         To User w/Privacy - *67 block caller ID 3,4 or 5 digit

*69         Call Return

*72         Activate Forward

*73         DeActivate Forward

*78         Activate DND (Do Not Disturb)

*79         DeActivate DND

*86         Dynamic Call Park with Ring Back

*88         Make Available agent

*89         Make Unavailable agent

*90         Activate Forward Busy

*91         DeActivate Forward Busy

*92         Activate Forward No Answer

*93         De-Activate Forward No Answer

*97         Voice Mail Access Ask Password

*98         Voice Mail Access Ask Extension and Password

Courtesy Bill Miller, ESI Cloud Services 7/10/15

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