Saved Voicemail
Posted by on 23 July 2014 08:23 AM

My Voicemail 


Saved voicemail will be stored in the system until it is deleted; however, it is sometimes necessary to purge servers because of the abundance of stored files which can accumulate throughout the entire customer base over a period of time. If you truly wish to save voicemail messages, you may consider using the feature that can send your voicemails to your email account.

  • Locate the My Voicemail drop down menu
  • Select Saved VMail
  • Select the PLAY link to play the voicemail back through your computer speakers
    • NOTE: This requires Quick Time or another compatible media player to already be installed on your computer syste
  • Select the DELETE link
    • This moves the voicemail into Deleted VMail

  • Select the REPLY link to reply to the person’s voicemail or to call the number
    • Enter the number or extension to record a message or call back from
    • Select Call To Record to record a message and leave it in the caller’s voicemail
    • Select Call To Talk to call the person back

  • Select the FORWARD link to record a greeting message to forward to another extension or number
    • Enter the number or extension to Record At
    • Select the extension to Forward To

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