Using ESI Ditto on your iPhone or iPad
Posted by Julia Kedward on 01 September 2015 08:54 AM

Dialing & Calling

To place an outbound call using the dial pad:

1. Open the dial pad by selecting pressing the icon in the ESI Ditto application.

2. Enter the number of the party you are attempting to call.

3. Press the icon to initiate your call.  Once your call is active, various call handling options become available such as Mute, Hold, Add Call and More (for details on these options, please refer to the Features Table here).

4. To finish your call, press END CALL.

To place an outbound call from Contacts or the Call Log, select the contact you want to call and press CALL.

Adding a Call

When on an active call, users can add a new active call by pressing the icon.  This places the original call on hold while connecting the new call.

Swap Active Calls

Pressing the   icon allows users to switch between active or ringing calls.  Pressing SWAP places the current call on hold while connecting to the second call.  Press this again to reverse the action.  This icon is only displayed when multiple calls are active.

Transferring a Call

To transfer an active call to another number on the ESI Cloud system, press the  icon and dial the extension of the party you wish to send the call to.  Once the transfer is complete, the call will end for the ESI Ditto user.

Parking a Call

To park a call, press the  icon.  This will place the caller on hold so that the call may be retrieved by another user on the ESI Cloud system.

Recording a Call

Pressing the  icon starts recording the conversation, and only stops when the user presses the button again or ends the call.  These recordings can be retrieved from the call history page of the Cloud Communications Dashboard.

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