Introduction to ESI Ditto
Posted by on 14 October 2015 03:02 PM

In today’s world, more and more employees are using their personal mobile phones while traveling for business, which leaves their organization without visibility into these “offline” interactions.  In scenarios like this, businesses often lose insight into employee and client interactions.  To stay competitive, an organization’s high-performing employees need reliable options to remain productive and accessible without having to be tied to their desks.  They need a solution that offers them the flexibility to use their personal devices while remaining connected to the corporate communications system, enabling them to leverage critical business information for every call.  That solution is ESI DittoTM.

Benefits of ESI Ditto

  • Increased Productivity: all calls are routed to an employee’s mobile device while they are away from the office. The employee also gets full access to the company contact directory, and the ability to easily record and transfer calls directly from within the ESI Ditto application.
  • Secure Company Data: maintain control of customer contacts and interactions while the employee is traveling or out of the office.
  • Monitor Employee Performance: using ESI Ditto allows a company to maintain visibility into employee business performance. ESI Ditto offers insights into call statistics and call recordings.
  • Provide Employee Privacy: by using Single Number Reach, there is no need for an employee to share personal contact information with a customer or colleagues. Incoming calls to their regular extension are routed to their personal devices, while outgoing calls present the employee’s desk extension on the receiver’s Caller ID.

ESI Ditto Features

  • Aggregated Contacts
  • Call Management
  • Call Recording
  • Intelligent Integration
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Single Number Reach (SNR)
  • Voice message management

Click here for help setting up ESI Ditto on your device!

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