Navigating within ESI Ditto on your Android Phone or Tablet
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The contacts view displays both the contacts from the mobile device’s contacts list, as well as contacts saved within the Corporate Directory.  To toggle between contact lists, select either All or Corporate from the top of the Contacts page.  Calls can be made directly from the Contacts page by selecting a specific contact and pressing Call. NOTE 1: ESI Ditto’s contact list and device’s native contact list are not the same application.  ESI Ditto simply pulls over the native contacts so users do not have to use two different applications to view contacts. 


Call Logs

The Call Log shows the history of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls from within the ESI Ditto application.  Calls can be made directly from the Call Log by selecting any entry in the list.  Ditto calls also appear in the native Android call log.  Users can delete all Call Log entries at once by clicking the “X” at the top of the screen.

Key Pad

 This is where you can place calls by dialing the number of the party you want to call.

Voice Mail

Supported in ESI Ditto versions 2.3.0 and higher, here you can access voice mail messages that have been left at your extension on the ESI Cloud system.  To view message playback/management controls, refer to the Message Playback Controls table on this page.


From here you can access your Ditto Profile page, Preferences, Advanced Settings, review the Terms and Conditions, and get information (About) the ESI Ditto version you are running. You can also set Call Routing preferences such as Do Not Disturb, Call Forward Always, Call Forward Busy, and Call Forward No Answer.

  • Profile: the ESI Ditto Profile contains your general user information. Your name appears along with your Cloud system extension number and domain name. To add an email address or picture, you will need to edit your contact card within your mobile device’s Contacts. You can also logout of ESI Ditto from this page by clicking the LOGOUT   Logging out clears the application’s current configuration settings, such as when the device is reassigned to a new user.
  • Preferences: optional application preferences can be set from here, such as the option to Start on Boot (Android only). This option will automatically launch Ditto when the Android device restarts.
  • Advanced: WARNING: the fields under Advanced Settings should require changes only in rare circumstances. ESI strongly recommends not adjusting the information under Advanced Settings without explicit instruction from your ESI Reseller or ESI technician.
  • Terms and Conditions: review the Terms and Conditions.
  • About: view information about the version of ESI Ditto you are running.
  • Do Not Disturb: Turning this feature on activates Do Not Disturb on your extension in both ESI Ditto and on the ESI Cloud system.
  • Call Forward Always: Turning this feature on automatically forwards incoming calls to a number that you specify.
  • Call Forward Busy: Turning this feature on will forward incoming calls to a number you specify in the event that you are already on an active call.
  • Call Forward No Answer: Turning this feature on will forward incoming calls to a number that you specify in the event that you do not answer the call.
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