ESI Ditto Visual Voice Features on your Android Phone or Tablet
Posted by on 15 October 2015 04:43 PM

Visual Voice Mail 

Supported in ESI Ditto versions 2.3.0 and higher, here you can access voice mail messages that have been left at your extension on the ESI Cloud system.  Below is a reference table of the message playback/management controls available. Voice mail messages are periodically downloaded to your device from the server so that you can playback and manage them through the ESI Ditto application. You can also see an example voice mail message list and playback screen under the table below.

Icon Name Description
Ditto VM play   Play Plays the voice mail message.
Ditto hold  Pause  Pauses the current voice mail message playback
SpeakerOn Speaker On Enables playback of the message through speaker
SpeakerOff Speaker Off Changes playback of the message back to the handset.
 Ditto VM delete Trash  Moves the voice mail message to the trash.
 Move 2 Saved Move To Saved Moves the current message from trash to saved.
 Ditto call back Android Call Back  Call back the number which left the voice mail message
Android New Message

New Message

Message in list is new.


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