Personal Directory
Posted by on 23 July 2014 08:22 AM

The Personal Directory allows users to manage their contacts with unlimited “click to call” capabilities. It is convenient to have the work or cell phone numbers of employees and other business associates in the Personal Directory to click and add them to a conference bridge.

  • Locate the My Applications drop down menu
  • Select Personal Directory

  • To add contacts to your Personal Directory , locate and select Add at the bottom of the options box
    • Enter the appropriate information in the fields
    • When completed, select CREATE

  • To call a contact, select the CALL link
    • Enter the number or extension you wish to make the Call From
    • Select Call To Talk

  • To add a contact to your conference bridge, select the CONFERENCE link
    • Select Call Now to connect the call
    • Select Call Later to add the contact to the Participants list for later reference

  • Select the EDIT link to make changes to a contact’s information


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