ESI Dashboard Release Notes
Posted by on 18 July 2016 05:24 PM


This article section will be a live section that gets updated with each release of our ESI Dashboard.

  • Please check out the attached release notes for whats new and improvements!
  • Please note the dates and Dashboard version!
Thank you,
- ESI Cloud services.

 esi cloud dashboard_ccd v1.2.4.1 release notes_18july2016.pdf (151.49 KB)
 esi cloud dashboard_ccd v1.2.4.3 release notes_2016august9.pdf (51.91 KB)
 esi cloud dashboard_ccd v1.2.4.6 release notes_2016august19.pdf (6.43 KB)
 esi cloud dashboard_ccd v1.2.5 release notes_2016september15.pdf (4.47 KB)

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