Reminder Call
Posted by on 23 July 2014 08:01 AM

This web calling application allows a user to stay informed of events inside and outside the workplace. A reminder Call can be set for any important event such as business appointments, personal events, dinner reservations, etc. NOTE: Since the Reminder Call application shares the same recording database structure as the Record Greeting section of the user portal, it is necessary to record and label the reminders which you wish to receive before scheduling a Reminder Call.

  • Locate the My Account drop down menu
  • Select Settings
  • Select Record Greeting at the bottom of the options box [In the Record At field]

  • Enter the extension or number to record the greeting from
  • Select the greeting number you wish to record

NOTE: You must note what greeting number you have available. There are seven (7) greetings permitted to be recorded by the system. Be sure not to record over one of your main voicemail greetings.

  • Enter the desired name for your greeting
  • Select the Start Record Greeting button to record the greeting
  • After recording hang up the phone and click the back button. The new greeting will be recorded and listed in the My Name and Greetings list

NOTE: If you see that your greeting is not displayed in the list, press the Refresh button, and it should then appear in the list.

  • Select the New Recording link of the greeting number that you recorded
  • Enter the new Greeting Name to use as a Reminder Call and select Modify
  • Verify that the name has changed correctly in the Description category in the My Name and Greetings options box

  • Locate the My Applications drop down menu
  • Select Reminder Call
  • Select Create Reminder Call

  • Select the Date To Call and Time To Call
  • Enter the number or extension to call [In the Call To field]
  • Select the Reminder Call Greeting Name that you wish to play
  • Select Schedule Reminder Call to save the scheduled call

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