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There are two windows within the conferencing application – one displays the User I.D and conference information such as the dial-in number, PIN, maximum participants, etc, and the other Participants window is the real-time conferencing bridge.

  • Locate the My Applications drop down menu

Select Conferencing

  • Select the Change PIN link to change the PIN
  • Enter the new PIN
  • Select Modify to Save
  • To view the changes select Refresh located on the Participants window

  • While in an active conference bridge, select Add to add another person to the bridge
  • Select the Call All button to initiate a Pinless conference bridge to all numbers in the list view
  • Select the Refresh button after performing any function to update the service
  • Select the CALL link to call a specific participant
  • Select Delete All to remove all participants from the list
  • While in an active conference bridge, select Disconnect All to end the bridge for all participants

  • To delete a participant, select the phone number corresponding to the party
  • Select Delete, then OK

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