snom 320 - provisioning instructions
Posted by on 23 July 2014 07:51 AM

In order to provision the snom 320, we would need to access the phone's menu through a web browser on a computer that is on the same network.

To determine what IP the phone is currently configured with, press the Help button on the phone:



That will bring up the following menu on the phone. Click on the left most button for "IPAdr":



That will bring up the IP address that has been assigned to the phone. Remember the set of numbers:



Go to a web browser on a PC that is connected to the same network and type in the address we just retrieved.


It should bring up the web interface:


Click on the Advanced option along the left hand menu.


On the Advanced screen, click the Update tab along the top:



On the update screen, we want to change the "Setting URL" address to{mac}



Then click on the Save button (slightly hidden):



Once it saves the settings, click on Reboot to reboot the phone:



When the phone reboots, it should hit the server at the address we just defined and pull down the configuration settings.

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