Interactive User's Guide
Posted by on 08 December 2013 02:34 PM

Below is our interactive user's guide. This is an alternate method of seeing what the capabilities of your phone and account really are. It is self paced and completely interactive. Each section is separated into subsections which cover different topics. The transitions will take you to individual frames which are any area or section that can be zommed into by clicking on it. This allows you to use your mouse to click and drag around the desk, to the different sections. You can also use the navigational queues, shown by green arrows, and your keyboard to progress through the different sections. Pay attention to the navigation arrows because not all of them are alike, however the arrows will guide you through the frames, similar to an interactive power point. 

Here's an overview of the controls:

  • Right arrow key and Space Bar will progress you through each seciton frame and subsection frame.
  • Left arrow key will take you to the previous frame viewed.
  • Down arrow key is used to zoom out of a subsection to view the larger section. You can press the down arrow key twice to zoom out and view an overview of that section.
  • Clicking on an object will zoom the picture into the frame around that object. If that frame is part of a section or subsection, you will jump to that section.
  • Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to freely zoom in and out of viewing the desk. 


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