Update Profile - Caller ID & Password
Posted by on 08 December 2013 02:56 PM

To adjust your profile settings click on the Profile link at the top right of the webpage.

This will show your profile settings and allow you to update the following settings:

Information about you:

  • First and Last name that is displayed to co-worker's contact list and for internal caller ID.
  • Change your associated department. 
  • Add or edit the email address where voicemail messages are sent to. You can have up to 10 email addresses on record.

Company directory listing options:

  • Announce your recorded name in the audio directory to outside callers.
  • List your name in the system contact list. 

Caller ID information for outbound calls:

  • Area code used for 7-digit dialing areas. 
  • Caller ID shown for outbound calls.
  • Caller ID shown for emergency calls.

Change Password:

  • You can update your account password. If you've forgotten your password, your designated office manager or reseller can assist.
  • This will also change the password used to access your voicemail box. 
  • Must be a numerical password. No special characters or letters. 

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