How to use your personal conference bridge
Posted by on 17 July 2014 10:59 AM

Every Premier user account comes with a personal conference bridge. This bridge comes with two hours of free talk time, and is metered at 2.9¢ a minute for every participant after the two hours is used.  Your office manager or reseller will provide you a phone number that sends callers to your bridge. See change the PIN and other settings for your bridge to learn how to change the settings for your bridge. Here's how you get started:

Instruct your participants to call into your bridge:

  • Instruct your conference participants to call your assigned phone number at the time of the conference call. 
  • If using a password for participants then the system will ask each caller to enter the participant PIN number to be added to the call.
  • After entering the PIN number your callers will be prompted to record their name (if enabled).
  • If prompting each participant for thier name, they will hear hold music until the conference is activated (if enabled).

View the active participants in your bridge:

  • Click on the conferencing button to view a list of active participants in the bridge.
  • This page will tell you how long each participant has been in the bridge and when they initially called in.
  • You can view caller ID information for any active participants, as well as, run reports for previously held conference calls.

Watch this video to learn more!

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