Change the PIN and other settings for your bridge
Posted by on 08 December 2013 05:04 PM

By clicking on the settings button on the conferencing page you can adjust the settings for your personal bridge.

Here's a brief overview of the settings you can change for your bridge:

  • Rename the conference bridge.  Ensure that this is a descriptive name so your Office Manager can see what bridge belongs to a specific user.
  • Change the access PIN numbers for your bridge:
    • The Leader PIN will activate the bridge (if required) and will give access to other conference control features.
    • The Participant PIN will place a caller into the bridge until it becomes active.
    • NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended to set a Leader AND a Participant PIN number for your bridge. Unrestricted bridges can be taken advantage of anyone calling the number for your bridge and could possibly result in unwanted minute overages.
  • Requiring a minimum participant count to enable the bridge can help restrict the usage of the bridge for when it is absolutely needed.
  • Adjust additional bridge options:
    • Require a leader PIN to be input before activating the bridge. This is HIGHLY recommended to prevent unwanted use of your bridge.
    • Prompt participants to record their name before placing them into the call.
    • Announce participants recorded names upon arrival and departure from the bridge. 

Watch this video to learn more!

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