Using the Pop Out Contact List
Posted by on 08 December 2013 06:01 PM

To eliminate the need to stay logged into your communications dashboard at all times, the contacts pop out list will allow you to view the current status of coworkers and provide call control actions as well. This will help you save space on your desktop will still accessing your account.

Here's a brief overview of the Pop Out contact list features:

Custom Status message:

  • Use the field under your name to set a custom message that can be seen on the contacts page by your co-workers.
  • This gives your co-workers a better idea of what your currently working on.
  • Enter a new message and press Enter to set.

View your contacts:

  • See the availability of coworkers.
  • Filter your view of co-workers and personal contacts.

Control active and incoming calls:

  • Click to call contacts.
  • Transfer an active call.
  • Place a call on hold.
  • Record an active call.
  • Answer incoming calls.
  • Manually dial a number.
  • Show business Caller ID from any phone.

Watch this video to learn more!

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