Download call history and recordings
Posted by on 07 January 2014 12:43 PM

On the call history page you can download all or a filtered subset of your call history and you can access your recorded calls. 

Access a recorded call

    1. Hover your mouse pointer over the call history entry you would like to access.
    2. Click on any of the options at the right to access your call recording. Here's a legend of options here: 
No Recording/Recording Pending
Download Recording
Show/Hide Playback Controls

Playback Controls:

After clicking the Play Recording button, the playback bar and controls are shown, as seen here:

Playback Controls Overview

Export call history

      1. Set any desired filters to control what call records get exported. (Learn to filter call history here)
      2. Click on Export Button
      3. Choose a location on your PC to save the exported file.
      4. Open and review your file using Excel or another spreadsheet software.

Video coming soon!!

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