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ESI Cloud Services Technical Update
Posted by Bob Russo on 31 October 2014 02:45 PM

ESI Cloud Services Technical Update

Tonight, Friday October 31, 2014 the ESI operations team will be doing scheduled maintenance on the ESI PBX.  A new version of software will be implemented in support of the maintenance work. If customers experience any service issues please open an ESI ticket and contact us.  A benefit of the cloud is the opportunity to provide continual updates, which deliver enhancements and fixes to service issues.  ESI will be rolling out new updates over the next couple weeks.  We will provide communication regarding each release and details on the user-facing features or fixes that are included. 

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Quality of Services Alert - Voice quality issues
Posted by Thiago Modelli on 12 February 2014 12:03 PM

UPDATE: 02/12/2014 - 02:35CST - The Carrier engineering team have re-routed both voice and data traffic around different carriers to stabilize the voice quality issues. The problem isn't completely solved but so far it has been successfully mitigated, and the team is actively working on a permanent solution. 


02/12/2014 - 12:02PM CST - ESI is aware that some of our customers may be experiencing intermittent voice quality issues.  We are working with our network providers to resolve the issues.  Network providers are experiencing heavy network loads due to the extreme weather conditions on the east coast. We will continue to update this message as resolution is reached.  



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*** Solved - 01/02/2014 22:11PM CST - Caller ID issues for Outbound/OFFNET
Posted by Thiago Modelli on 02 January 2014 04:22 PM

FIXED - 01/02/2014 22:11PM CST - Problem has been fixed and tested good. We wil lcontinue to monitor the issue for the next 72 hours and will autoclose the master ticket after that time.

UPDATE - 01/02/2014 15:32PM CST - A work around was put in place to temporarily fix the issue while we continue to work with our partners on fixing this interconnetion issue.

UPDATE - 01/02/2014 14:56PM CST - We have found a couple of interconnecting carriers failing to deliver CID to the next interconnection. We are currently studding a temporary fix for the issue.


For all our SIP Trunks and Hosted PBX Customers,


We have been noticing an increase in CID (Caller ID) failures in outbound calls today. Out engineering team has been investigating and has noticed some of the Interconnecting carrioers having issues to pass the data to terminating carriers. Due to this issue, calls might complete with "Unavailable" or "Private" as the Caller Name, or if set so, not complete due to blocked CID.


We will continue to investigate the issue and search for alternative routes to get the calls to go trough correctly. 


This issue is being tracked via master ticket: IDZ-172-76596



ESI Hosted Services - Carrier team

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How To Stay Connected To Vintalk Community?
Posted by Admin Account on 23 December 2011 12:40 PM

Dear Customer,

Welcome to the Vintalk Family.  As a new Vintalk customer we would like to invite you to stay connected to our community.  Through our different distribution lists and online social media, you can stay on top of the latest Vintalk developments, industry news, expert advice, customer support, promotions and more.

Sign up and register for one or all today!  Click here to register for our email lists.

Outages, maintenance and important alerts email list   –We highly recommend someone from your company stay connected through this list.  It’s the best way for us to let you know when possible interruptions or downtime may occur that can effect your day to day operations.  Only send when needed.

Vintalk Customer Newsletter – The customer newsletter is sent out every other month and is a great way to learn about the latest promotions, tips, industry news, and Vintalk updates.  Sent every other month.

Vintalk Promotion and Customer-Only Specials – The promotions emails are sent once a month to let you know about Vintalk’s latest solutions being launched, promotions that could help save you money, and exclusive offers for Vintalk Customers only. Sent once a month to once a quarter.

Facebook – At the Vintalk Facebook page, we have a little more fun.  You can view the latest video with our channel managers, or view photos from the latest company bbq.  Best of all you can converse with other Vintalk customers, partners, and friends. 

Twitter – Vintalk_VoIP  --This is the quickest way to get snippets of what is going on at Vintalk

LinkedInVoIP Solutions for Business—A Vintalk Group.  Start a discussion with our CEO or link with other industry experts.

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