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Dear Vintalk Customers,

Vintalk will be performing maintenance on our New York Hosted clusters today, December,18 2012, to perform software upgrades and bring new features to our switch. We are expecting a down time of 15-30 seconds while we restart switch services. Clients may experience call drops when the service is restarted however services will be restored within 15-30 seconds. This maintenence will only be effecting Hosted PBX customers, SIP trunking customers will not be effected.

During this time period clients will be able to continue to process and receive calls on the Vintalk switch. At approximately 21:15PM PDT, we will have completed the software updates needed and will restart the services to apply the new version of softswitch code. The maintenance cycle will be completed no later than 23:00 PST.

We will post to the Vintalk Support Portal after the maintenance cycle has been completed.

If you have any questions please feel free to review for all of our current support options.

Thank you,

Vintalk Support Team

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