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NEW RELEASE - ePhone7 APK 1.4.10
Posted by Eddie Weakley on 06 October 2017 03:35 PM

Product development is excited to announce a new build for ePhone7. 

New Features

  • Coworker status can now be seen from the Dial Screen, Transfer Window and Add Call Window
  • Dial Screen has a new look and feel that will enable you to search faster and of course quickly see your coworkers status.


  • We had to rip out our old way of managing data and have made HUGE improvements that will provide quicker BLF updates and most importantly provide a HIGH level of performance to eliminate phone crashes and freeze ups as much as possible.
  • Voicemail synchronization has been greatly improved and now the ESI Dashboard and ePhone7 are now NSYNC
  • Voicemail TRASH older than 14 days will now be deleted from ePhone7.
  • The Badge count for voicemails would staying longer than expected, but not anymore.
  • Coworkers sometimes get out of line and you have to work together to put them in their place.
  • Voicemail controls were acting out of place, that was until our dev team put them in their place.

If you experience any issues please open a ticket via the ESI Support site at or contact ESI Technical Support at 800-850-2151.
- ESI Product Management

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