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ESI eConsole Release v2.3.8 at 10:00 PM (CST) on Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019
Posted by Julia Kedward on 24 January 2019 01:47 PM

ESI would like to inform you that eConsole v2.3.8 was released at 10:00 PM (CST) on Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019

Click here for the detailed release notes.


Why can I no longer access the web portal by using my browser bookmark?
We made some changes on Dec 31, 2018 to the URLs associated with the eCloud portal, which affects your browser Bookmarks.

To update your bookmark

1) Delete browser bookmarks associated with the ESI Dashboard or eConsole.
2) Clear your browser cache (instruction on this below)
3) Access and save the bookmark for the portal.

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