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Registration issue has been resolved for ePhone7, ePhoneGO, and eConsole
Posted by Julia Kedward on 27 March 2019 02:11 PM

The service that was negatively affecting ePhone7, ePhoneGo and eConsole has been resolved.

If your ePhone7 still shows to be unregistered, please reboot it. You can do this by either

  • Unplugging the Ethernet cable on the back of the phone
  • Accessing Settings (gear icon) and then choosing Utilities / Reboot ePhone7

If you're trying to login to your ePhoneGo and receive a login error message please clear the application's cache and retry. The method for this will vary between iOS and Android and possibly by versions of those platforms. Consult your smartphone's documentation or online support.

If you are experiencing service issues, please open a ticket with ESI Support using one of the methods below.

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