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ESI announced a new ePhoneGO for iOS release this past May (version 3.0.0). To use this new version you need to uninstall the older ePhoneGO app (v2.0.X) and install the new one.

Until now users have had a choice on when they upgrade to the new version. The time has come to permanently move away from the older version in order for ESI to continue to provide a more robust PUSH service for iOS ePhoneGO notifications.

To that end the ESI eCloud API will start an upgrade process that will begin on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 3:00 PM CST. This means PUSH service for the older version of iOS ePhoneGO will no longer be available at this time. To be clear that means those still using the older version will no longer receive notification of incoming calls or new voice mails.

 Important Notes:

  • iOS ePhoneGO is only compatible with iOS v13, which is supported on most devices later than iPhone 5/5s. Click here (and scroll down) for the full list of supported devices. Version 13 is necessary due to new application requirements from Apple. 
  • iOS ePhoneGO v3.0.2 will be released very soon, providing you with even more stability and new features. 
  • SMS Texting and Internal Chat will be temporarily unavailable to iOS ePhoneGO users until the eCloud API upgrade is complete. Both features are still available through the eConsole dashboard and the Webphone.

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