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*** Solved - 01/02/2014 22:11PM CST - Caller ID issues for Outbound/OFFNET
Posted by Thiago Modelli on 02 January 2014 04:22 PM

FIXED - 01/02/2014 22:11PM CST - Problem has been fixed and tested good. We wil lcontinue to monitor the issue for the next 72 hours and will autoclose the master ticket after that time.

UPDATE - 01/02/2014 15:32PM CST - A work around was put in place to temporarily fix the issue while we continue to work with our partners on fixing this interconnetion issue.

UPDATE - 01/02/2014 14:56PM CST - We have found a couple of interconnecting carriers failing to deliver CID to the next interconnection. We are currently studding a temporary fix for the issue.


For all our SIP Trunks and Hosted PBX Customers,


We have been noticing an increase in CID (Caller ID) failures in outbound calls today. Out engineering team has been investigating and has noticed some of the Interconnecting carrioers having issues to pass the data to terminating carriers. Due to this issue, calls might complete with "Unavailable" or "Private" as the Caller Name, or if set so, not complete due to blocked CID.


We will continue to investigate the issue and search for alternative routes to get the calls to go trough correctly. 


This issue is being tracked via master ticket: IDZ-172-76596



ESI Hosted Services - Carrier team

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